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The Team

Legal counselling constitutes only a modest fraction of the decision-making process and a minute part of the business activity which requires cooperation of many people. Similarly, good legal services require involvement of not only one lawyer, but the whole team of experts, and often also the representatives of other professions.

The Law Office hires three members of supporting staff and a dozen or so lawyers - know-how staff. They are supported by the junior staff of lawyers (graduate and student interns), whose great commitment, coupled with the acquired competence, gives them chances of quick promotion and job satisfaction.

For every case we assemble a special team from among our partners, employees and co-operators. The team consists of lawyers and the representatives of related professions (notaries public, patent spokesmen, property experts, tax advisors, solicitors).


Maciej Skory, Ph.D. - partner

  • specialist in the field of commercial law, bank law and consumers law
  • gives lectures on companies' law...

Andrzej Skory - legal counsellor

Magdalena Sierny - legal counsellor

Marzena Czuksanow - legal counsellor

Małgorzata Zielony - legal counsellor

Magdalena Szczepanek - legal counsellor

Stanisław Lach - legal counsellor

Ewa Sapkowska-Fijas - legal counsellor

Marta Dąbrowska - legal counsellor

Mariusz Turkiewicz - legal counsellor

Bartosz Kubrak - legal counsellor

Anna Cytowska - legal intern

Dr Bogusław Sołtys - partner

  • specialist in the field of commercial law (incl. law of companies and contracts), law of competition and law of industrial and intellectual property


Anna Bajer - legal intern

Mgr Przemysław Lis - aplikant

Mgr Witold Straus - aplikant

Mgr Barbara Roślicka - dyrektor Kancelarii

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