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Legal representation

The IURICO Law Office, in the field of its specialisations, offers replacements in pre-court and court proceedings and in proceedings with administration bodies. We also offer representation in conciliation and arbitration proceedings in the national and international trade.

IURICO specialises in, inter alia:

  • law of companies, transformations, takeovers, mergers and division of entrepreneurs
  • civil, commercial law, VC/PE
  • law of bills of exchange and other securities
  • management and recovery of receivables
  • law of contracts in the national and international trade
  • servicing sales and other transactions connected with enterprises and shares
  • banking and finance
  • international trade
  • arbitration and conciliation in the national and international trade
  • agency services in the field of finances and insurance
  • protection of consumers, personal data and information
  • industrial and intellectual property
  • antimonopoly law, law of competition and combating unfair competition
  • law of the media and advertising
  • copyright and the press law
  • pharmaceutical law and law of food industry
  • construction and development investments
  • the environment protection and recycling
  • law of power industry
  • real estate management and turnover
  • law of new technologies and IT
  • electronic turnover and telecommunication law
  • labour law, manager contracts
  • tax law
  • procurements
  • the European law
  • German desk

Taking into account the requirements of individual Clients, we propose:

  • replacement in regular comprehensive legal services in the business field of an enterprise
  • replacement in an individual case entrusted to us
  • replacement in pre-court proceedings in the scope of collecting receivables of the same type
  • replacement in court proceedings in the scope of collecting receivables of the same type
  • short-term cooperation on the basis of a permanent framework agreement
  • one-time legal advice in form of consultations, document projects, giving opinions or producing legal expert analyses
  • replacement in collective matters

Replacement may be commissioned through filling in the form via the IuricoNet platform, e-mail, fax or through arranging a personal meeting with an advisor. One-time orders are charged separately.

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