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Legal counselling

IURICO specialises in, inter alia:

  • law of companies, transformations, takeovers, mergers and division of entrepreneurs
  • civil, commercial law, VC/PE
  • law of bills of exchange and other securities
  • management and recovery of receivables
  • law of contracts in the national and international trade
  • servicing sales and other transactions connected with enterprises and shares
  • banking and finance
  • international trade
  • arbitration and conciliation in the national and international trade
  • agency services in the field of finances and insurance
  • protection of consumers, personal data and information
  • industrial and intellectual property
  • antimonopoly law, law of competition and combating unfair competition
  • law of the media and advertising
  • copyright and the press law
  • pharmaceutical law and law of food industry
  • construction and development investments
  • the environment protection and recycling
  • law of power industry
  • real estate management and turnover
  • law of new technologies and IT
  • electronic turnover and telecommunication law
  • labour law, manager contracts
  • tax law
  • procurements
  • the European law
  • German desk

Taking into account the requirements of individual Clients, we propose:

  • comprehensive legal services on a regular basis in the business field of an enterprise
  • regular legal services in the given field (e.g. rendering services for the marketing and export department of an enterprise)
  • short-term cooperation on the basis of a permanent framework agreement
  • one-time legal advice in form of consultations, document projects, giving opinions or producing legal expert analyses

We render services in Polish and foreign languages. You may contact us personally or from a distance via the IuricoNet platform. The Office charges according to flat rates and hourly rates. One-time orders are charged separately.

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