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About arbitration and conciliation

Nowadays, more and more importance is attached to alternative methods of resolving economic disputes (ADR), inter alia, arbitration and conciliation. Arbitration solves disputes which have arisen in the national and international economic trade, in an unbiased, independent and final way, while conciliation leads to solving disputes in a non-binding way by third parties who enjoy great authority and are able to recognise their own resolution of the dispute as binding only through an agreement.

Arbitration and conciliation are services rendered in an institutional form by Arbitration Courts acting most often in cooperation with different organisations, such as e.g. Chambers of Commerce and, in emergency situations, by arbitrators and conciliators summoned ad hoc at the wish of one or two parties.

Arbitration is a remedy for the shortcomings and formalism of the state judicial system. It allows quick and usually cheaper settlement of disputes by specialists in the particular fields. Verdicts of arbitration courts have the same quality and importance as verdicts of state courts. After issuing the enforcement clause, they constitute an executive title for debt recovery. Conciliation is, on the other hand, a vital supplement of this alternative, since in economic and business environments non-performance of a reasonable proposal developed by the authority often turns against the opposing party.

The lawyers of the IURICO Law Office are experienced in both arbitration and conciliation. We have been chosen many times to conduct conciliation proceedings and settle disputes in institutional arbitration courts and ad hoc arbitration courts. Some of our Team members are regular arbitrators at the Arbitration Court acting under the umbrella of the Lower Silesian Chamber of Commerce in Wroclaw and perform functions at that Court.

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