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Advanced services

The IURICO Law Office offers advanced services in the field of its specialisations. They constitute coherent and entire packages of services, which may turn out to be an invaluable aid for some commercial bodies. Moreover, at the Client's request, we offer other services to meet individual requirements.

Advanced services are as follows:

  • management of certain groups of legal risks
  • outsourcing of certain departments or their parts
  • legal audits
  • trainings
  • recovery of receivables of the same type
  • monitoring certain occurences
  • reports on amendments to the law and trends in the body of rulings
  • passing judgements on the contents of advertisements and other marketing undertakings
  • corporate law compliance
  • preparing company prospectuses
  • regulating the legal state of real estate properties
  • tax optimisation
  • management of industrial property laws
  • copyright management
  • replacement in collective cases
  • raising the UE funds and other funding

The advanced services are charged separately.

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