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Career path

The IURICO Law Office is constantly developing. We constantly take on new staff. We are open to cooperation with young people. We have developed for them a special Program of Graduate and Student Internships.

Career stages:

1. student and graduate intern - this stage is addressed to students in their last years of studies and graduates without professional experience, who have declared their readiness to participate regularly in the daily work of the Law Office and have signed an agreement on serving internships, after reading the regulations thereof. Every student or graduate intern is covered with the Program of Graduate and Student Internships developed by the doctors of Laws - lecturers at the University in Wroclaw. This program enables acquiring practical skills of applying and understanding law,

2. junior consultant - this stage is addressed to graduates of legal studies without professional qualifications and without experience in our Law Office. A junior consultant carries out work under supervision of a person with professional competences,

3. consultant - this stage is addressed to those who, having more than one year of professional experience as a lawyer, may occupy posts under supervision of a person who is empowered to carry out basic legal duties or is a legal intern,

4. senior consultant - this stage is addressed to those who have already gained experience as legal interns or have worked in the legal profession for at least two years and have been hired in the Law Office. Senior consultants may contact the Clients in the name of the Law Office, 

5. advisor - an advisor is a person whose experience and trust granted by the Law Office enables him/her to work independently or in cooperation with a legal counsellor or a partner. Advisors may be doctors of laws, senior legal interns and others, who have proved their qualifications. It is also the highest stage of career for those who do not possess rights to perform the regulated legal profession independently,

6. legal counsellor - this stage is addressed to those who have been empowered to perform independently the regulated legal profession and have achieved appropriate level of legal knowledge, experience and counselling skills. Legal counsellors work as managers supervising problem-solving and know-how groups,

7. partner - this stage is addressed to legal counsellors or other lawyers performing independently freelance profession, whose contribution and commitment in the work of the Law Office justifies the decision to include them to the circle of persons deciding about the development of the IURICO Law Office.


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