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Not only law

The activities of the IURICO Law Office are not limited to rendering services for economic entities. The team potential allows also activities going beyond counselling in its classic sense. We have established a regional centre of legal knowledge and culture. In the Information Centre we present useful information, e.g. telephone and address data, legal acts which are difficult to access, forms, specimen and curiosities connected with law, incl. information about famous trials, Polish Code of Honour, Napoleon's Code, Hammurabi's Code, etc. We have developed a news bulletin IuricoMix, which is addressed both to employees and co-operators of the Office, as well as graduate and student interns, and its selected fragments are placed in the Information Centre.


We carry out pro publico bono and non-profit activity, financially supporting the school and the orphanage and representing the joint interests of consumers. As experts, we participate free-of-charge in the evaluation of future legal acts, organise internships for graduates, as well as lectures and seminars for students and graduates of law. Our lawyers take part in the works of opinion-forming institutions, incl., inter alia, Customer Protection Commission acting in cooperation with the Bank Law Council, as well as the Office for Competition and Consumers Protection. They are authors of articles and studies, which are devoted not only to legal matters.

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