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Modus operandi

We have developed suitable tools for acting effectively to the Client's benefit. We use techniques of analysis, synthesis and clarification in a way enabling us to take an individual approach to every case. At the same time, we guarantee:

  1. recognition the crux of the problem,
  2. creation of business and legal concepts,
  3. assessment of potential business risks and legal risks,
  4. verification of concepts and presentation of optimal solutions,
  5. aid in implementation,
  6. constant supervision over implementation,
  7. checking effects of undertakings,
  8. drawing conclusions for the future and suggesting possible changes.

For every case we assemble a special team. The team is composed of lawyers and the representatives of related professions (notaries public, patent spokesmen, property experts, tax advisors, solicitors), our employees and co-operators, who are creative and not limited by any schemes resulting from their field of service, habits or conventional concepts.


The special importance is attached not only to the legal regulations currently in force, but also to undertaking legislative initiatives in the national and European legislature. We compile reports on the solutions which have been adopted there and which function in the body of rulings of the European Tribunal of Justice. Having at heart high level of the rendered services, we organise permanent trainings aiming at the exchange of experiences and the unification of the service standards. Therefore, under any circumstances we are able to guarantee service at the highest level. We appreciate Client's trust. Therefore Clients choose us for projects requiring knowledge, tact and trust. We care about the highest ethical standard and treat our Clients loyally.

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