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Legal note

  1. Timeliness and relevance: The IURICO Law Office does not guarantee the timeliness of the presented legal standpoints, opinions, information and their relevance to the potential, actual state of affairs. Decision-making should be preceded with approaching a competent person with an inquiry.
  2. Copyright: The contents and structure of this Website are protected with copyright, copying the data or information, particularly using the materials from the Website, their fragments and photographs, without the consent of the IURICO Law Office is forbidden.
  3. Utilisation for non-commercial purposes: The materials from the Website may be copied, stored and printed only for non-commercial purposes and only for one's own needs. We forbid dissemination of materials copied in this way and particularly publishing them on the Internet.
  4. Utilisation for commercial purposes: Every case of utilisation for commercial purposes of the materials from our Website requires a written consent of an authorised person. The utilisation of materials for commercial purposes is understood as every kind of dissemination (copying, modifying, distributing, transmitting, publishing and presenting) of the material in the whole or in parts.
  5. No framing: We do not allow presenting the contents of our Website in a frame published on other Webpage.
  6. Personal data: Personal data of those who apply for work via the application form filled in at the Website shall not be disclosed to any external organisation and shall be utilised only for recruitment purposes.
  7. Liability for the contents: The IURICO Law Office and the Website Administrator are not liable for the information under the provided links and do not guarantee its timeliness.

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