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Confidentiality policy

Responsible approach to and caring about the interests of our Clients make us apply an appropriate system of data protection. With due diligence, we prevent the data obtained during the service realisation from being disclosed to unauthorised third-parties. Our confidentiality policy involves the following methods of securing the data:

  • technological security - inter alia, anti-virus, anti-hacker, anti-spy software, high standard locks securing the access to the rooms of the Office, locks in all cabinets in which documents are stored
  • legal security - inter alia, suitable declarations and clauses in the contracts with employees and co-operators, special inter-company procedures (incl. confidentiality regulations)
  • organisational security - inter alia, access to documents, incl. the archives, only by authorised persons, applying the system of suitable confirmations in forwarding documents from and to the Office, additional notes in the correspondence, destroying documents with the use of appropriate equipment, protection of the building, a detailed register of entries and exits for employees and other visitors.


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